Knowledge has No Limits and Learning knows No Boundaries with Aplus LMS

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About Our Product

“Learning should not stop even when one is away from the classroom. It need not rely on physical classroom space or the 8am-5pm school hours”.

This very thought initiated the journey to develop a future-ready Learning Management System that free up teachers’ time to focus on the real value-added activities, motivates students to imbibe as much knowledge as possible, and bring together teachers and students by creating an accelerated learning environment.

Our user experience research revealed that in this era of digitization the one sector that has yet to come to speed is Education and Training which is still grappling with bringing together students, teachers and technology in a more impactful manner. There are ‘silos’ between teacher and students, students and their peers, and the way instructors teach and students prefer to learn. It is these ‘silos’ which we wish to destroy and build a more ‘integrated’ and ‘progressive’ learning environment.

We are passionate about technology, learning and solving the real world problems. Aplus LMSis our answer to the education and training industry’s need for the next-gen learning management system.

We are on a journey to connect the disconnected path of the educational systems. Are you with us?

Platfrom Features


Get all the important course-related information at one place. Aplus LMShas a one-stop dashboard that provides statistical insights and timely notifications to the students. View your test scores, attendance status, upcoming submissions, test dates at one place.

Campus News

Don’t miss the latest campus updates. Educators and students can wear the “journalist’s hat” and publish the latest news regarding recruitment drives, campus events, community building exercises etc. It’s easier to stay connected and involved.


Be a part of the discussion. Help your peers and share the things that you know.Aplus LMShas forums built in to facilitate the conversation in the community to encourage learning.


Learning should not stop during holidays. It offers a robust video conferencing solution to stimulate a virtual classroom experience to students, thus facilitating distance learning. Educators can broadcast their video feed along with their whiteboard in real time to the audience.

Plagiarism Detection

Do away with the teachers’ workload crisis. Aplus LMShas an integrated plagiarism detection algorithm that can automatically submit and check the student’s paper for plagiarism. Assignments can be securely stored on the cloud for easy retrieval and access. Say goodbye to lugging around physical assignments.


Clarify your doubts and take lessons instantly. It offers a rich communication platform ‘Bol’ that supports Message Broadcast to student groups, peer-to-peer chat, Email, one-on-one interaction with teachers, and internal communication between various class groups.


Gamify the learning experience. The game elements such as activity points, rewards, badges, leaderboards and profiles are integrated into the learning management system. This enhances learners’ intrinsic motivation.


Prepare and conduct online assessments and quizzes. Chalk Keeper offers you a simple tool to conduct in-app quizzes, assessments and various skill based certification courses, through a user friendly, drag and drop web application. The need for physical involvement is removed.

Knowledge has No Limits and Learning knows No Boundaries with Aplus LMS

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One Stop Shop

The innovative analytics tool provides a one-stop dashboard where users can get all detailed and relevant reports from attendance to grades. You can get statistical insights and timely notifications related to test scores, attendance status, upcoming submissions or test dates, and can analyze results at one place.

Toggle between tasks

Switch amongst various features from Messaging to managing the Portfolio...

News Feed

Read and Publish the latest news on things you care. It’s easier to stay connected and involved.

Never miss out

Smart reminders of what is due for turning in, Helps one plan better.

Keep yourself motivated

Keep track of grades and progress across various courses.

Introducing Aplus LMS

Pricing Plan


  • Up to 200 users
  • E-mail support
  • Initial training


  • Up to 1000 users
  • Phone Support
  • Monthly Reports
  • Online classroom
  • Initial Support
  • Initial training

Enterprise Call Us

  • Everything from Start-up and Pro. Dedicated Engineer for the account


  • In-built ‘artificial intelligence’ that makes it truly interactive, intelligent and intuitive
  • Replicates ‘collaborative’ classroom environment anytime, anywhere
  • Leverages ‘gamification’ for maximum learner engagement
  • Applies the game mechanics to make learning a fun and engaging experience.
  • Allows students to collaborate with peers and teachers after school-hours
  • Motivates students to take control of their learning progress
  • Automates the routine activities such as scheduling lectures, administering tests and generating reports
  • Optimizes the resources and workflow for efficient and productive teaching
  • Enables individualized learning to nurture each student’s personal learning journey

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